Student Commentary
"We loved your class and learned lots. I took 4 classes and Louise's was the best!"
- Laura Troup
"I had a great time and learned a lot! It was fun to see everything that was made in class. Louise was incredibly well prepared and very generous with her time and equipment."
- Liz LeVitt
"I really enjoyed your class. I have taken other wire classes and went home and never did anymore, but you inspired me to go out and work with silver. This bracelet lets me express myself and I feel really good about what designs I come up with.I have made my own clasps and I am very proud that I can tell people that I made everything myself. Thank you so much for passing on your knowledge to us.I am very glad I took your class. I am enjoying what I am doing a lot!"
- Christina Petersen
"Fabulous class! You are a wonderful instructor. Thank you for all of the time that you took to prepare and teach this class."
- Karen Ritter
"This class was wonderful! This probably is the best class I will take all weekend (aside from your Knots of Splendor class tomorrow!) And best of all, it is FUN!"
- Jennifer Van Beuschoten

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